Welcome to the webpage of the Terma group (Waste and environmental technology, TEP-184).
Terma belongs to the Chemical Engineering department at Malaga University. In our facilities, we carry out different kind of research related to the following lines:

  • Pyrolysis and gasification processes (catalytic and non-catalytic), focused on the valorisation of biomass and industrial wastes.
  • Adsorption and heterogeneous catalytic processes for the removal of pollutants present on gaseous and liquid effluents.
  • Biomass catalytic system development to produce value-added chemical compounds (Biorefinery).
  • Preparation of submicrometric, ceramic and carbon-based fibers/spheres (hollow and solid) by using electrospinning/electrospraying technique.
  • Design and preparation of electrodes based on metallic, metal oxides and carbon materials, for electrocatalysis and energy storage processes.